Don't forget personal responsibility

We espoused 'a financial system of free will and flexibility instead of a paternalistic one where the govt decides for the consumer what's risky and what's not.' Said David Gerald in the Today paper. 'Let people make their own choices and decisions, but within a proper system, and with appropriate safeguards.' He added. This is the crux of the matter. A proper system that is fair and transparent. And regulations got to be fair, consistent, transparent and not arbitrary. Gerald ended by saying, 'I expect the financial instututions to be fair to investors because they're going to them with trust.' When we have a fair and proper system, personal responsibility makes a lot of sense. The investors to the minibonds, or investors investing in the stock market must bear personal responsibility when this is the case. If the system is not proper, if the products are found wanting, it is not a simple case of personal responsibility. When you eat in a restaurant, you don't expect foreign objects or poisonous material in your food. Put it in another way, people going into a boxing match will expect that the rules are fair and to fight in their same weight. When a 50kg boxer goes into the ring to fight against a 100kg boxer, and has his eyes blindfolded, it is not fair and unacceptable. Or if the bigger boxer is armed with a pair of gloves with metal inserts, then it is not alright. Under such circumstances, caveat emptor and personal responsibility will not do. The administrators and regulators need to be hanged.


Anonymous said...

If only everyone is ethical, the society will be so much better of!


redbean said...

not everyone but leaders or corporate big wigs need to be ethical and lead with moral authority. otherwise it will be better to be led by mafias and gangsters. at least you know that ethics is not part of the game.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The position of regulators should be scrapped.

The admin folks at the bank should apologise and ensure that their staff is better trained in future.

That's all. Simple, non-violent or criminalising people unnecessarily... and move on with life.