Dependancy on govt help

This is the stereo typed impression of Singaporeans. When they are in trouble, they will look to the govt for help. And this psyche is perpetuated by a govt that persistently insists to help, no matter whether help is wanted or unwanted. Very often help is shafted down into the throats of Singaporeans, like Peking Duck. We shall call it compulsory help. This dependency is so ironic. There is another dimensionally opposed view on this, that the Singaporeans do not want the govt's help and it is the govt that is insisting to help. Then on the govt's part it is telling the people that they should not depend on the govt for help. This is not a welfare state. But welfare keeps flowing out even to middle class citizens. It is really getting crappy and creepy. And we always compare ourselves with the more entrepreneurial and independent Hongkongers. The Hongkongers are admired for their streak of independence and for looking after themselves, not depending on the govt. The recent minibond issue has turned these perceptions upside down. The HongKong govt came out immediately to protect its citizens from the debacle, calling on the banks to act fast to buy back the bonds. On the other hand, the Singaporeans were expected to look after themselves and fend for themselves. The govt or authority only responded several days after the cries for help have subsided into a whimper. The Singaporeans were as usual looking up to the govt for help but must have been disappointed. And the usually responsive govt, always willing to help, insisting on helping the people, was slow in reaching out to the people. Strange developments and a rethink is needed on these new developments.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't agree. Singaporeans EXPECT their govt to help them from cradle to grave.

* Public education

* Public transport

* Public housing

* Subsidies for utilities

...and so on.

Anonymous said...

What can Singaporeans expect?

Most are born in housing board flats with no well(water) and land to farm.

Everything costs a bomb especially essentials. Who operate and regulate the Essential Goods and Services?

Obviously, Singaporeans have to look up to the Operators of the Goods and Services. They depend very much on these operators to live.

What's cheap in Sg? Frills!


Matilah_Singapura said...

You speak as if the "phenomenon" in question has no cause behind it:

> Most are born in housing board flats with no well(water) and land to farm. <

The point is this: everyone alive here is a result of their biological parents deciding TO FUCK. i.e. a conscious decision was made do perform an act that could result in the creation of a (new) human life-form.

Perhaps parents believe that "it will all turn out OK".

And in the long run, if one one lives correctly, and avoids the deleterious effects of the mistakes of others — as far as possible — then it really does turn out OK.

Perhaps parents are more "positive-thinking", and have more faith than their offspring, about how really great life can be, if one is willing to put in The Required Effort :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Matilah Singapura;

the youngs are getting smarter, they mate around, many with multiple partners. The schools are teaching them how to avoid pregnancy.

The Medical Authority provides abortions.

More female foreign talents operate not only in Geylang(whorehouse district) but all over the Island.

In many ways, the youngs are living it correctly, they understands the sin of procreating others to suffer their fates.

But, the fate of the State hangs in the balance because of the prevailing cultures. Dread to think about its' destiny.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm sorry but I can't understand, neither do I agree with your superstitious and mystical based mumbo-jumbo.

Perhaps burning a few more joss-sticks might bring you peace. :)

Anonymous said...

If I get to eat the foods offered to the deities, I will offer to light the joss sticks and candles.

I am a helpful atheist.