CPF - Ignorance is bliss

This Ah Pek told his kakis that the happiest moment of his life was to read his CPF statement every month. He said he felt so rich, so comfortable knowing that he had so much money in the CPF. My money would not run away. It would be there, guaranteed by the govt. And the money is growing with very high interest rate some more. Hopefully the CPF is still there when he needs the money. My CPF money did not run away, except that it retreated away from me when I reached 55. Now it has ran 7 years away. And after that, I still cannot touch all of them. I can only take a few hundreds every month until it runs out or I run out or comes 80. No, not true. Some can only be taken out after I die, at least $30k in the Medisave. I am not sure whether to be happy for the Ah Pek. Obviously he is another ignoramus who did not know anything about inflation. When the interest paid to his CPF saving is less than inflation, his money is withering away, becoming lesser by the day. And when real inflation hits him, for the cost of basic necessities are shooting way more than the official inflation rate, he might as well forget about saving when it all comes to nothing. His $3 today that becomes $20 in 20 years time may just buy him another bowl of wan tan mee. No matter what kind of spin is being churned out, it is all craps. The best option is to take your CPF money and put it into your own pocket. Use them when there is still some value. Who knows, one might just kick the bucket tomorrow and not smelling the CPF savings completely.


Anonymous said...

The Ah Pek you are referring to sells 'koyok'. You believe him? Never trust Union chiefs. Oops!

Anonymous said...

The Ah Pek is no ordinary ah peks.

His one year remuneration may exceed the total life-incomes of many, many ah peks and ah sims(Old ladies).

The smiles on the Ah Peks' face was for himself.