When something is bad...

When something is bad, real bad, do not try to defend it. It will make it look worst. And it will make the defender look silly. Many 'tooths' in paradise are indefensible. Don't try to defend them. Just say it once, that there are 'tooths'. No need to explain further. Everyone understands. 'Tooths' are 'tooths'.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Absolutely true.

If honesty, transparency and accountability were suddenly introduced, the whole damn system will collapse spectacularly into a big steaming pile of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

when you have a suspicious mind, everything is bad. if you are a suspicious and negative person, it is even worse. what one calls a bright spark may be horseshit to another, so dun think everything is as you imagine. singapore has the highest quality of lving standards in asia, i thought so too. this is so positive, dun you think?

redbean said...

in politics, one needs to by cynical especially when people are telling the tooth. and a suspicious mind is very necessary to keep one on the safe side.

there are many angles to look at things. we can choose the best side or the worst side, or any side that we want to look at. even journalists do the same. telling one side of the tooth is still telling the tooth.

what is unbecoming is distorted tooth.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think one should be skeptical because it is healthy. I personally don't think cynicism is healthy as that could lead to a really negative world view.

Where does the "line" dividing skepticism from cynicism lie?

I would say that that is a matter for individual judgment.

redbean said...

being sceptical, being cynical, being questioning, the important thing is not to take what we read or hear as gospel truth.

we need to discover our own truth. and the strange thing is that truth can be different from different perspective and also depending on who is looking at it.