What it could have been

A clean and good looking young professor packing his two kids into his car and driving them to school on a bright morning. On the way to the college he drops his wife to work. Back in campus, standing in front of bright eyed and eager students delivering his lecture, and the young ladies swooning over him. A lawyer in court mesmerising the judge and his opposite counsel with his brilliant oratory skills. And at the end of the day drinking at the Cricket Club with all his peers to make merry. These could be the wonderful lives of Dr Chee Soon Juan, JBJ and Gopalan Nair. Life could be so beautiful and easy. All these are gone now. Is it worth it? They have paid very heavy price to want to participate in the political system of the country. And not only they are suffering, their families are equally badly affected. The wives and children don't deserve all these. Paradise can be hell for some.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The only "mistake" these folks made was that they misjudged their adversary -- in fact, underestimated their adversary by a significant degree.

"Political change" might be a nice romantic idea, but one has to read the ground properly.

Lee Kuan Yew has said time and again that he will put down any threat to Singapore and "his" government. He has also explained (very clearly) why it is "necessary" for the govt to intervene in people's lives, and essentially socially-engineer Singapore society.

Over 4 decades LKY has demonstrated his mettle in attaining his objectives, getting right into the people's faces and FORCING THEM to do whatever it is which needed to get done. The disobedient experience harsh consequences, thus making it VERY CLEAR that the S'pore govt doesn't fuck around.

LKY has "fire in the belly" resolve, making him a very dangerous and formidable adversary.

IMO through the years, political folks and those inclined toward the political-economy have MISREAD the ground (the majority of people support the PAP), and underestimated the resolve of their adversary.

redbean said...

is it system fault or human fault? can our system evolve to become a more encompassing one or remain as a ruthless and exclusive system?

Matilah_Singapura said...

There's nothing wrong with the system. It works perfectly for those who hold the reigns of power.

No, it is unlikely to change - even after the passing of LKY.

Mockingbird said...

not many people would want to give up a comfortable and rich life to be the opposition's active and vocal pain in the ass for the gahmen. Very, very few people would want to sacrifice a rich and comforable life like CSJ and JBJ have done.