To all the losers

All the losers here are very ungrateful. They could not appreciate how good life has been for them in paradise. People around the world will give up everything, or buy their way to be here. And all the losers know is to complain. But everything here is so cheap and affordable. What is a $200k car or a $3m house? They are within the means of the able citizens. So easily affordable. And it is unbelieveable that people are complaining about paying $5 for ERP charges. Many are willing to pay $20 just for a hassle free drive. And more ridiculous, they are complaining about a 20c increase in public transport fare! Frankly, if you cannot afford to pay $2 for a world class public transport system, you should not be here. This is a land of opportunities! Go and work harder and smarter and become a super talent. Then you will know how good life can be in paradise. It is literally wine, women and song if you want it to be. And if you cannot make the best of all the opportunities available, man, you deserve to be a loser. We have built a great city of world class standards. We have provided our citizens with world class facilities and a way of life that is the envy of people around the world. Everything works! Oh, you have sacrificed your youth in doing 2 1/2 years of National Service, and reservist liabilities. What's so big deal? With the money we are paying, we can buy the best soldiers to defend us and they will do so happily. No complaints. We don't need soldiers that will fall dead while walking. What kind of soldiers are these? Get real, doing NS is a privilege, a chance to redeem yourself and be given the right to be in paradise for the losers. You must be very thankful for such an opportunity. Otherwise we don't even want you here. Ingrates! Who are the 'We?'


Anonymous said...

"We" are the Digit in the eyes of Government. Somebody whom the Government can pass the buck in times of troubles or shits

Anonymous said...

'We' are the humans in 'Animal Farm'.

redbean said...

actually all the 'we', except for a handful, have died.

now we have a new 'we' who inherited everything and think they built everything.