A Significant Silence

Singaporeans are not dumb. But I can hardly say that they are smart either. At best they are selfishly clever in staying away from troublesome issues. They are only interested in their own vested interests and would not mind acting dumb. The latest court case involving Chee Soon Juan and Chee Siok Chin is a great example of how Singaporeans go about their compartmental lives. The case is transparent to them. Did not happen and they do not want to know or talk about it. What Singaporeans do or react to happenings around them can best be described by asking a few questions. Who is involved, will it benefit them to get involved, why would they step on a pile of shit when they don't have to, better to continue with their own lives than to invite trouble. This is the kind of attitude that is pervasive in our society. And that is how many serious breaches and crimes were allowed to go on without anyone putting a stop to them or even whispering a word. None of my business. Just walk away. The numerous corporate governance problems, the intrigues in corporate world, where little warlords ruled and messed around in their little fiefdoms are obvious to many but blind to many as well. The little Red Dot has many juicy red apples with many worms gnawing inside. The silent culture, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, and do nothing will do us in as a matter of time. What? What's happening? No I don't know.


Anonymous said...

I guess in Singapore the time will come when people fear to tell the emperor that he is not wearing any clothes! Why? Because they are conditioned to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Why bother when you know it makes no difference. In this case, even if all the people were to tell the emperor that he's not wearing any clothes, the emperor just shrug and carry on haughtily.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, most people does not know the true stories, since CNA, ST and all other govt. controlled mediums are painting a one sided picture.
What we need is to have awareness and a very high profile website that report facts, such as www.facts.com.sg. Leave the opinions to the public.
We are smart enough to decide if we are mature enough to carry rifles.