Pump prices up for 13th time

Pump prices up for 13th time since last July PUMP prices have risen again, with petrol going up by five cents a litre and diesel, 10 cents.... With the latest adjustments here, a litre of 92-octane petrol costs $2.203 before discount. The 95 grade is now $2.236, while 98-octane is $2.31. The so-called ultra-premium fuels cost more. Shell's V-Power climbed five cents to $2.429, while Caltex's Platinum rose by four cents to $2.426. The above is extracted from the Straits Times. Where got problem?


Anonymous said...

Inflation at 7.5% but this is paradise and we have the best in the world solving our problems. So, yeah, where got problem? Just pump it up!

redbean said...

anyone who has an income of $20k and above a month should have no problem at all.

the rest, hmmmmm...not my problem.

Anonymous said...

Well, the govt has provided Singaporeans with one of the best public transport system in the world, so why drive? Use public transport and stop complaining all the time. You people are never satisfied.

redbean said...

that's very true. they even modified buses and trains for the impending needs of all the oldies in wheel chairs. how thoughtful.

what more can we ask for?

Anonymous said...

If you are still not satisfied with the luxurious life provided by the govt, then by all means quit and more out. Make room for the long queue of PRC super talents and those from India. Just go and you will not be missed.

tanbl said...

During my school days, buses were not air-conditioned. I used to dream whilst in the bus that one day all buses would be air-conditioned so that drivers and passengers would not feel the heat and have a plesant ride. Today, most buses are air-conditioned. However, now we feel another kind of heat. The ever increasing price of petrol. It comes with a price.

redbean said...

hi tanbl, welcome to the blog.

we have progressed a lot from the good ol days. but we have lost our purpose and we are degressing. the earlier days were for the people. now it is for the pockets of the shareholders.

public transport was more or less nationalised at one time when all the smaller bus operators were merged into sbs. now we have 'privatised' it again of profit.

no one is arguing against profits. but for such an important service, it is best to be run by the govt on minimal profit but with first priority to provide efficient and cheap transportation for the people. if not, when public transport becomes too expensive, it will cripple the whole economy or the social life of the people.

i don't agree with the current policy of operating public transports simply to max profit.