Police officer beaten in lockup

Police officer beaten when passing a cup of water to two detainees arrested for robbery with hurt. The poor officer was violently attacked, punched and kicked real bad. And when the detainees pressed the buzzer for the door of the lockup to be opened, no one bother to check on the CCTV and simply unlock the door to let them out. We could have a nation wide hunt for the two escaped men if they were not arrested immediately. We are not complacent. Just a bit slack that's all. Unbelieveable that this could happen after Mas Selamat.

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Anonymous said...

When the rot sets in from within and we pretend it is just a lapse of security, that's where the problem is. But I guess it is still another case of just put the blame on the downtrodden police officer at the bottom for all the ills while those at the top continue with their 'ignorance is bliss' mentality. Have those at the top learnt anything from the Mas Selamat escape, I wonder, or were the assurances and pronouncements after the COI report just another 'wayang kulit'?