The people are getting angry

With the high cost of living, with every dollar being stretched (says who? who's dollar being stretched?) some are crying out against the news of more gantries and higher tolls. A letter written by Karen Tan in Today complained why the timing, why now? A little congestion for a cosmopolitan city is normal. In fact you need traffic jams to show the world that you a busy city. How would the city look like if there were only a few cars? Is the introduction of gantries and toll hikes a strategic move or an insensitive one? Or is it another case of fanatics at work, where they think that they are always right and no need to care about how others are affected by it? Maybe it is done in preparation of the people towards higher costs in driving a car. The people needs to get use to it and soon they will accept it. Then it would not be so painful. Buy SMRT shares quick.

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Anonymous said...

Soon, Singaporeans will even lose their right to get angry! We could end up just like robots or unhuman beans.