Oil tax cut sends wrong signal: Mah

The front page headline honour goes to Mah Bow Tan. And he is speaking the brutal truth and I must agree. He also encouraged the citizens to get use to the high prices, live within your means, don't drive if you cannot afford it, don't use aircon for the same reason, car pooling, turn off the lights, use candles or oil lamps perhaps. What oil lamps with oil prices so high? My advice to Singaporeans, go and earn a million dollars. Then there will be no problem about rising prices. No need to adjust your lifestyle even. And can come here and talk cock. Other than that, be innovative, try kerosene or cooking oil for the car, read under the stars, eat less, walk or bicycle to work. Better, jog to work and exercise at the same time. Teach your own children, no need to pay for tuition fees or do away with piano or ballet classes. These are privileges for the rich. And stop going to theatres or the Esplanade. Go to Botanic Garden and wait for free shows. The right signal is for more pay rises for the ministers. This one sure to come. It has been announced earlier by Chee Hean. We must pay them their rightful wages or else we will lose their valuable services.

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