Of human rights and obligations

Walter Woon is trying to make his position clearer by bringing in obligations and human rights as complimentary issues. While the fanatics are singing their human rights like religious hymns, there is also the obligations to the people with the rights. But fanatics came in different forms. There are fanatics who think that it is for the good of the poeple, to protect them, that it is ok to take away their human rights or civil rights. They even have the audacity to take their hard earned savings away. Oh they never say that. They just say it is better to lock them away just in case the owners throw them away carelessly. Then they decide for the owners how to spend them or how much and when to return to them. Now, is this an abuse of human or civil rights, or is it a form of obligations? Would our great legal minds care or be bothered to discuss this issue? Or it is safer to stay clear of it? And yes, this is another definition of human rights by another group of fanatics.


Anonymous said...

In the words of our AG, this is not a right issue, but a political one.

redbean said...

would be good that he explores this issues more. he is inviting discussions. hope he sees our blog and add his views on this here.