No time for pettiness in Officialdom

In times like this, narrow minded and petty officialdom should step aside. The people need to save every cent they could or stretch their dollar to the fullest. It is time for the govt to really think for the people and help the people to tie over such difficult times. No more silly excuses. A simple way, without subsidies, without handouts, is to let the people free, free to take advantage of the relatively cheaper cost of things in Malaysia, take advantage of the stronger dollar, to spend time and money across the causeway. Is this so difficult? Is this so disturbing, unbearable, so unacceptable? Or is the petty mind still thinking big? Remove the 3/4 tank rule. The silly reason that Singapore motorists will go over to pump their tanks and flood the roads because of cheaper petrol is the thinking of idiots. Unbelieveable that such reasoning can still be thrown at the people as million dollar wisdom. It is crap! Let the people go freely and spend freely in Malaysia. This is free trade as opposed to erecting trade barriers. The people must be given the freedom of choice to spend their money wherever gives them the best value. Restricting them from pumping petrol in JB is amoeba thinking. If there is any restriction on the sale of petrol, it should come from Malaysia. Malaysia should be the one to decide how much petrol it wants to sell to Singapore motorists. They will have to do their sums right, to offer cheaper petrol for more business, earning foreign exchange and other side effects of more Singaporeans travelling to JB.. We do not need petty thinking and rules to make life more difficult for our people just for more petrol taxes. Or are we waiting for the motorists to mount a protest with cars jamming BKE before this rule be relaxed. Think for the poorer motorists. Not everyone is earning a million dollars and can afford all the increases.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Since the beginning of time -- the time when states evolved and govts came into existence -- govts and their absolute laws have been INTERFERING with one-on-one free trade between individuals.

You have something to sell, and I have aneed which can be fulfilled by buying what you offer. I exchange my money for your goods. All this is done PEACEFULLY.

So WHY does the state -- the unwelcome 3rd party -- have to force its way into an activity (peacful) which is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS?

This arbitrary 3rd party interference occurs in many aspects of our lives. And people just simple accept is without even a whimper.


redbean said...

the state claims to have a magnanimous role of protecting the people or looking after the interest of the people.

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