No place for gangsterism

Gangsterism must not be allowed to set roots in paradise. Recently there was a lady who was cornered in a lonely carpark in Chinatown by two men and forced to pay for speakers that she did not need. She had to part with more than a thousand dollars for fear of her safety. Such high pressure sales tactics is nothing but daylight robbery and cannot be accepted in our society. I read about two companies, a Naughty by Nature and a Time sharing company, both admitting using agressive sales tactics, even detaining customers until the customers sign and pay up. And they got away with a tap on the wrist. This is a sure sign of erosion towards accepting gangster-like practices in doing business. The law must come down hard, real hard, on anyone behaving like gangsters and threatening ordinary citizens. The citizens need protection from the law and law enforceing officers. How can we tolerate a situation where innocent citizens fear walking into a shop or office? We will slide down the slippery road of lawlessness if we take such behaviour and practices lightly. How can such things happen in paradise? We are allowing paradise to turn into living hell if it is not stop for good.


Anonymous said...

Here in paradise they expect citizens to protec the judiciary, the law and law enforcing officers not the other way round. That's the difference between paradise and non-paradise. I admist I am getting confused and outdated.

redbean said...

there is a forumer, murali sharma, who wrote to Today praising Case for taking Naughty by Nature to court. i think this is not enough. the law must step in and put a stop to all this nonsense. the first they can do is to put out a public warning to all companies who made unsolicited calls to inidividuals telling them that they have won a lottery or a prize. charge them for making nuisance calls or misrepresentation. take a few companies to task, including the people hired as callers so that no one would dare to do it.

for those who outsourced such functions, they should not think it is safe.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What are you talking about?

S'pore is run by gangsters, and one big all-powerful, diversified gang of organised criminals. You wanna try and go up against them? See what happens.

Lee Kuan Yew has openly admitted that his political actions are like the behaviour of a thug. You wanto to fight him, you better have a knuckle-duster proof constitution.

redbean said...

gangsters and govt not the same lah. they spelt differently.