No need ERPs

Roy Chan said no need for ERPs on Saturday. He relatedin Today his driving experience on Saturday in the Suntec City area and said the road condition was acceptable. The question I would like to ask is this, are the road conditions in the city area at the moment acceptable? According to whose standard is that the condition is now so bad that ERPs must be introduced so quickly? Shall we conduct a survey on motorists and find out how they feel about driving in the city? If all the motorists or the majority of the motorists are comfortable with the speed and cars on the road, then what is the fuss? Or is it that some gods say that the situation is not good to their likings, that their standard of goodness must be the norm for all? Which fanatic or fanatics are now saying that according to him or them, the road conditions are not good enough and ERPs are necessary? Can the people have a say? Anyone want to hear what the people say? Want to listen or not?

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