A new Singapore religion

Do not judge God. Just believe. Anyone judging God or questioning God is already a sinner. And all sinners will know what the punishment will be. And the punishment will be harsh. I shall have no mercy on Judgement Day. The sinners will be burnt in the sea of fire. Singaporeans shall not judge the judiciary. They will be dealt with very strictly. The integrity of the judiciary shall not be questioned. The integrity of the judiciary shall be upheld at all cost. Singaporeans must have confidence in the judiciary. This sounds so religious, so familiar, like being in church on Sunday. But it is true. If Singaporeans start to have doubts about the judiciary, we will have a lot of problems. Let's all stand united and steadfastly to protect the integrity of the judiciary.


Anonymous said...

The judiciary of any country must be spotlessly clean, unbias, independent and holds no affiliation to any political party. That is in an ideal world. Is this the case on this paradise island?? Hmmmmm.....??

Matilah_Singapura said...

The only way that any state institution is "spotlessly clean, unbias, independent and holds no affiliation to any political party" is to have total transparency, constant public scrutiny and vigilance, and procedures to deal with violations thereof.

No one is above the law of the land. even the judiciary must abide by it before they can enforce it.

"WHO is watching the watchmen?"

redbean said...

all i can say is that it is all self inflicted, like adolescents cutting their wrists for fun. they can only harm themselves in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Least said the better on this issue!