The New Media Revolution has arrived!

Today I officially announce the arrival of The New Media as the Main Stream Media of the future. And it should take over the term MSM. The Old Media shall henceforth be called TOM. Its days of dominance of news and views are numbered. No longer will readers be fed with one sided views of issues and events without the chance or opportunity to question or clarify. They used to tell the readers what they want to tell the readers and what were good or appropriate for the readers' intellect and consumption, according to their wishes. Let's welcome the new Main Stream Media, MSM, of the future. The MSM offers unlimited possibilities in the exchange of news and information as freely as one would want it to be. It is a new freedom of the 21st Century. Discard the shackles of old, and swim in the new MSM, with your views heard the world over. And no one is there to restrain you or to decide whether it is suitable for publishing. You are what you post.


Anonymous said...

Journalist of the MSM (or should I also call them TOM) seems to be fighting a losing battle. In the past when they want to shaft down our throats their one-sided views, we just accept because there were no avenues to counter even though they may be wrong, and so their narrow views were taken as the ultimate tooth. No longer. Now you can read in cyberspace all the critical opposing views from experts to layman who could not accept the views of these TOM journalist. These TOM journalist's days are indeed numbered.

Anonymous said...

Always bear in mind the possibilty of being sued in the courts of this little paradise. However for people who are out of the clutches of the Singapore MIB they are relatively safe.

Hurray for the new MSM and goodbye to the kiasi TOM journalist.

redbean said...

we shall not get carried away by this new tool and freedom. it is important that we post objectively and stay away from attacking anyone personally.

there is no need to do such things or to court a libel suit. just talk about issues and not about the person.

enjoy the new freedom and ride the wave of change. be a part of this great change.

Anonymous said...

Welcome the New Media as the Main Stream Media (MSM) from now on.

The newspapers and newsprints like the Straits Times, TODAY, New Paper, etc. shall be referred to by me and all my friends and family members as TOM, the old media, from today onwards. They are not interactive, slow in reporting, usually unbalanced and cater only to limited audiences and readers.

They do not deserve to be referred to as MSM any more. Their days are really numbered and therefore it is more appropriate to call them TOM (The Old Media).

This reminds me of the children's rhyme:

Tom, Tom, the piper's son,
He learned to play when he was young.
But all the tune that he could play
Was "Over the hills and far away."

Ha ha ha! How appropriate!

Pip, Pip, Hooray!

From: TOM, the piper son.

redbean said...

thanks for the great idea, Tom, the piper son.

the MSM is in cyberspace!

Anonymous said...

all these must come in trio !

Tom, Dick and Harry are great friends and therefore shouldn't be left out.

TOM = The Old Media,
Harry = LKY's English Name
Dick = Not very difficult to see who... It is the English of the pinkish clown !

Tom, Dick and Harry live happily after.