Myth 183 - I am helping you

The hungry tiger was poised to devour the little goat. The little goat was shivering and unable to move, partly at the sight of a huge and ferocious tiger, partly because it was too weak to run. It had not eaten a full meal for several days. The owner of the little goat was equally worried. He must do something to help the goat. 'Wait, wait!' He shouted at the tiger. 'Please don't eat my little goat.' The tiger roared back. 'I am hungry and need to eat the goat to live.' The owner was very understanding. He knew that tigers would want to eat small animals for his meal. It was a reasonable act. He looked at the little goat and came out with a solution. He told the goat, 'Look, whatever, the tiger is going to eat you. And there is no way to run. The only way to save your life is to offer a leg to the tiger.' The little goat knew that it had no choice. And the owner was trying his best to help. It squeezed its eyes shut, bit its teeth and prepared itself for the tiger to rip off one of its legs. The owner was in a way a savior. The little goat was grateful for the help. A monk came along. 'Amitabha (or O mi to fu).' He said in his peaceful and serene way. 'Let me help.' Then he turned to the tiger, 'Here, have my arm instead.'


Matilah_Singapura said...

In the animal kingdom, there is little choice -- weaker species, ill equipped for fighting will be gobbled up by their predators.

In human civilisation, it is different -- in developed societiea every one is (supposedly) equal under the law, thus offering the weak some "protection".

However in really FREE societies (which are quickly diminishing in today's post 9-11 climate), one can always buy a firearm, and defend yourself by shooting any party that threatens you with physical force.

redbean said...

matilah, you are not getting my message.

someone can help you by cutting off your arms or legs and expect you to be thankful.

some can help you by giving their arms and legs to you.

ok, ok, make it simpler, some will help you by giving you some money from their own pockets. some will tell you that they are helping you by taking money from your pocket.

Anonymous said...

re: redbean - so how many limbs do you have left?

redbean said...

as a good samaritan, all my limbs are intact. i make them cut off their limbs to help themselves.

as a recipient of help, i am left with only a pair of hands. the legs have been chopped off.