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More handouts coming!

With the Malaysian upping their petrol price, everything that we buy from Malaysia must go up. It is the natural way of things. It is definitely beyond our control. What is within our control is more handouts as all our food from Malaysia will be that much more costly. Holy mother, where are you? Holy mother, we need you!


Anonymous said...

You want MORE? You wait long long ah.
It's still a very long way to go before election. Maybe, you would prefer an increase in GST again to help the poor? The millionaire smart asses from PAP came up with a systematic way to help the poor-Increase GST. What has opposition done? You would do well to vote wisely in the next election if you get to vote at all.

Anonymous said...

The beer ladies are helping coffee shops to pull in the customers and therefore are helping to create jobs for the local coffee ladies, so the argument goes. I do not think beer drinking customers will order coffee or tea and normal customers will try to avoid coffeeshops crowded with possibly half-drunk beer drinkers. How does that help to create jobs for the local coffee ladies? Another of the half-baked arguments from our union chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Normal customers may avoid coffeeshops crowded with half-drunk beer drinkers. But the boss will be lauging his way to the bank with such windfalls. Chinese beer ladies should go cambodia to work given the critical shortage of the workers there. Gun toting studs have been shooting their beer ladies whenever service is slow.

Anonymous said...

the example of chinese beer ladies helping singaporeans to keep their jobs is a ridiculously weak argument; surely there must be better examples than that.

redbean said...

if every kopitiam hires 2 beer ladies, and there are at least 20,000 kopitiams, they will have created 40,000 jobs for the singaporeans, oops, i mean locals, or is it residents? pardon me for not knowing what is the correct term to use.

40k jobs created, now that is cause for celebration.