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Moral and Ethical conduct of people in high office

Whether a person is in the public service or in private organisations, there is this unwritten rule of maintaining a high moral and ethical standard of conduct in the performance of his duty/business. These include making profits and treating their consumers/clients and staff fairly and equitably. Money or profits made through unethical means are ill gotten gains and are to be despised. As we cheered our great monetary wealth, if we allow all the immoral and unethical conduct to go unpunished, it will destroy our social moral fibre and be the cause of our ruin and infamy down the road. Tan Kin Lian said that he did not know that Income made 7.8% pa yield over the last 10 years. And he was the CEO for some part of this duration I think. I am not sure how long he has left Income. What's happening? And Income was paying out bonuses to its policyholders that 'were lower than orignally projected, due to the cut in bonus in some of the previous years.' He 'felt that it is more important for these past bonus cuts to be restored, subject to financial solvency.' I think anyone reading his article published in Today would be able to see the kind of problems that are surfacing. And it all boils down to transparency, ethics and moral conduct of how corporations are being run and how consumers are getting an unfair share of what they are deserving. Maybe Income has quoted wrong numbers.


Anonymous said...

So policyholders were indeed short-changed over the years by massive bonus cuts. It is hard to believe the man when he ssid he did not know NTUC income made average investment returns of 7.8% over the last ten years. He was the CEO mind you, not an ordinary clerk or departmental manager.

Over the last 5 years most policyholders received much lower bonuses than projected at time of sale, based on lower investment yield of 5.25% in 2002 and later lowered again to just 4% in 2003, with maturity returns projected to be lower by as much as 20%. I am one of those affected by those cuts and I have since avoided NTUC income. Now we know who pulled the wool over our eyes!

redbean said...

actually the policyholders deserve what they are getting. and tan kin lian should let things be. afterall no other shareholders is complaining.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore who dares to complain?

redbean said...

see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing is the best.