The Master and Student

There is a Buddhist teaching that the person that gives you the most trouble, makes your life miserable and challenging, that person is your master in life. Through all the pains and suffering inflicted by that person, you grow stronger and experience more of the ups and downs of living. The Lees versus Chees case presents a great opportunity for both parties to grow and become better people. From one party, there are great lessons to be learnt in humility, magnanimity, kindness, and generosity. From the other party, there are lessons in forgiveness, lessons in abrasiveness, graciousness, and lessons in accepting fate. There are many other lessons to be learnt by both parties. Who is the master and who is the student? Maybe both are masters and students at the same time. They are definitely masters, dishing out lessons. But were they students, learning from the lessons and coming out better at the end?


Anonymous said...

The problem is will each side want to learn from the other in such encounters? All that one side desire is how best to destroy the other and nothing is learnt in the process. The wise Buddhist teaching is lost on the egostic human bean.

Anonymous said...

i dun know wat the fart you are talking abt but my words of wisdom remains; you will do well to not show a narrow and parochial mindset time and again.