Malaysia, wrong again!

In the face of inflation and oil crisis, Malaysia took steps to cut Ministerial entertainment allowances and other expenses. What a wrong move. It goes against the grain of human greed and motivation. The ministers will be demoralised, no heart to work, and everyone will suffer. Why don't Malaysia learn from Singapore? In times like this, minister's pay will surely go up. We need them to work harder to pull the country out of the crisis. Cutting allowances or pay will be the last thing to do. It is time to motivate them to work extra hard. They may not be able to bring down oil prices or inflation. But they will find enough money to help the people. Our formula has been tested and proven. There will be no demonstration or riots on the streets. And there is no need to cut petrol taxes as well. Everything will be fine and Singaporeans will feel better off with more handouts coming. This is our secret of success which the Malaysians just refuse to learn. Too stubborn perhaps. Too much pride.

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