Malaysia can never compete with Singapore's efficiency

Whenever Malaysia thinks of a get rich scheme to collect more money from its people, it must think of spending a few billions outfront on some mega projects. Now they are thinking of another one to by pass JB to the North South Highway from the Causeway. What Singapore did was to erect a few more gantries or to raise the toll charges. Cost is minimum. Why can't Malaysia learn from us? All it needs to do is to cook up some very good reasons for it and the people will pay willingly. As long as the reasons are logical and seen as necessary, that is all that needs to be done. Just have a good reason to do it. But step one is to recruit super talents into the govt services and pay them well. Then the rest will take care of itself.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly what some people were saying about Proton. Why on earth would the Malaysian Government want to assemble cars and face all the problems when they could follow Singapore's way just by issuing slips of paper for COE's and collect money without any sweat. It is that much simpler. Yeh, Malaysia do need someone like our Lim Swee Swee to espouse his help theory and reasoning and they can implement any unpopular policy they want without the people protesting.