Lions still far from Asia's top 10

This is the headline for Singapore's football dream. The other grander dream was to be in the World Cup in 2010. It is very clear that the dreams are fading away and time to wake up. Fear not, according to national coach Raddy Avramovic. There are some shortcomings and if we can overcome them, we will get there. Very encouraging words. Very good for engaging more foreign talents and more foreign coaches, and to spend more money, for a childish dream. Let's face facts and be brutal about it. Midgets cannot dream of defeating giants that are well drilled. Period. But there is hope. Genetic engineering. This can be done by buying good thoroughbred world class footballers' genes and infused them into the embryos of potential footballers. In 20 or 25 years time, we will have our team of physically big and gifted players to play for us. Minimum 6 ft tall, strong, like horses, and with stamina that only world class footballers have. If they still can't get the picture, go to the US. They have the formula for genetic breeding which they have perfected during the years of slavery.


Anonymous said...

Most US athletes probably still need to use drugs to enhance performances more than any other country, only thing is those performers are using the latest ingenious designed drugs to beat the drug testers and were seldom caught. Athletes like Florence Griffith Joyner, who could outrun any Asian men during her peak, probably died after years of using performance enhancing drugs. And Carl Lewis isn't as clean as he claims to be.

redbean said...

the americans are damn good at telling white lies. look at what is happening in the middle east?