Japan imprisoned US Marines

Two US Marines were imprisoned for several years for beating up a Japanese taxi driver. In our recent case a few months back, a drunk US marine beat up a Singaporean in the car park. It was not a seizable offence and the Singaporean would have to take up a private suit to sue the American. If he has no money, he would have been beaten and the American gone scot free. Similarly, if a Singaporean is beaten up by another resident, he will have to fight his own case in court. It is a civil case. Maybe it is time that this non seizable offence law be modified to protect the citizens from being beaten up either by foreigners or another Singaporean. The state needs to protect its citizens and maintain law and order. Leaving it to private individual to sue is not the best solution. It would mean that justice comes with a price. No money no talk and no justice. Or the bully and rich can beat up the poor and the poor has no recourse for justice because he cannot afford to sue.


Anonymous said...

You know something is wrong with the system when a criminal case becomes a civil case.

redbean said...

it is all a definition. can redraw the definition and it will be alright.