Illegal demonstration in Queenstown

6 Jun, more than 30 protestors held a vigil at the Queenstown Remand Prison where Chee Soon Juan was held. Each of them holding a cardboard with words and pictures of the siblings on them. And they were not dispersed. More than 4 gathering in public places without a permit is illegal assembly. Did they have a permit? Presumably not? So the gathering should easily be classified as illegal assembly. But it seemed that they were not disturbed. This must be the first sign of relaxation and tolerance. We must be progressing in the way we handle public demonstration. Or this is not a demonstration but just a vigil.


Anonymous said...

The law requiring a permit for assembly is illegal and void because it contravene the constitution.

redbean said...

the silence from the legal fraternity only serves to confirm that this law is legal and does not contravene the constitutions. or else our legal professionals would have no where to hide their faces.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You left out the word "peaceful". It is only lawful under the constitution if it is "peaceful" assembly and doesn't look like it would turn violent.

When people protest the state, it could turn violent.

When they hold a vigil, it is unlikely that there will be violence.

What I believe the govt is sincerely scared (with good reason -- i.e. historical justification) of is the degeneration of law and order, and an angry mob turning into violent chaos.

In a vigil the "anger" element is missing.

For awhile I thought that S'porean society had matured enough. However judging from how people behave toward "negative stimulation", most S'poreans still can't handle freedom, because they are not responsible enough for themselves.

Those who can't govern themselves will be governed by someone else.

I actually detest protests on public property. I personally agree that is should not be allowed.

If you want to protest, use PRIVATE property -- hire a theater, stadium or write a book which the library will buy... then the rest of the people (who are a-political) can choose whether or not they want to listen or be aware of your protest.

When protests are held in public spaces, people who are not interested in the protest and who just want to get on with their day, are inconvenienced unnecessarily -- i.e. they have no choice but to put up with the inconsiderate protesters shit. (and it is always shit)

redbean said...

i think matilah's assessment is the best. they are there for a vigil and no violence can be expected. any grouping of people that will not lead to violence will be tolerated.

we have progressed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks more like they do not want to give the Chees more exposure and sympathy. Already the siblings have been seen to have tarnished the reputation of our judiciary, but people have been looking at them in a different light compared to previous entanglements with you know who.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't think that the Chee's tarnished the judiciary. The judiciary exposed itself, and there are serious questions raised relating to the seperation of powers in Singapore.

The person who really gave the courts a bloody nose is Gopalan @ Singapore Dissident

Unfortunately he did a silly thing by "challenging" the cops to arrest him, falsely believing that his American passport would serve as a impregnable aegis protecting his US Constitution guaranteed "freedom" of speech.

Bad choice. Too much ego.

Anonymous said...

why the WP applied for permit for cycling event at East Coast Park but the police rejected. It is not a protest,and no voilence.It is a healthy exercise.