Help is everywhere

I say it again, Singaporeans are so fortunate. We do not need a typhoon or devastating earthquake to get help. And the help Singaporeans are getting are not small change. Just imagine that Myanmar and China both got US$200k from us officially. And compare these to what the govt and NGOs are giving back to the people to help them. The govt is giving back in the billions to the people. Even CDAC and Sinda gave in hundreds of millions to help the people. CADC gave '$600k last year and expects to provide $250k more to needy families and students.' This amount alone is more than what we gave to Myanmar and China. Aren't we lucky, when help is everywhere. What I am puzzled is that why is it that Singaporeans need so much help? Aren't they going to suffer from a clutch mentality? Aren't these help going to rob away their drive to work hard and be self sufficient? I think we are giving away too much money to help Singaporeans. No wonder they are now not able to compete with foreigners.

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Anonymous said...

It is slowly developing into a clutch mentality, no doubt about it. But that is the political price to pay, so what to do, it's happened!