Have no mercy

A kidnap scam schemer, Ren Tin Ming, was caught and jailed for a maximum of 9 months. This is definitely too lenient. A kidnap scam is a very cruel crime against the innocents. Be it a scam or a real kidnap, the parents of the 'victim' will suffer the same agony of going through the whole ordeal. We have placed a mandatory death sentence for kidnapping. The law must be amended for mandatory caning of at least 24 strokes for such crimes. It is not a simple scam. It is very upsetting emotionally, and very traumatic. People can die of heart attack for it. Cane the bastards! Paradise is turning into a playground for criminals, con men and tricksters. And the victims are mostly its citizens. And the criminals are foreigners. How can we let this go on like this. Make it be known that guests to paradise are welcomed but will be severely dealt with if they violated our laws and turn to crime against the citizens.

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