For the people or for the fat pay?

This has been the bugging question that many are asking. And the answer is also expected. Why is it that people are perceiving that everyone is working for that fat pay, that big bonus rather than for the people? Or can we blame the people for having such a wrongful perception? Trying to be objective, just look at all the policies and try to pick one, just one, that is really for the people and not to make the people pay more. Just pick one, and I am also having difficulty finding one. I think my question is absolutely biased. Is there a policy that is for the people and not after the people's pocket? I think I must be blind not to be able to find one. Aren't transport fare policies for the people, aren't ERPs to help the motorists? Oh, must include the 3/4 tank rule for this. Then the heavy subsidies for HDB flats to make flats affordable to the people, then the world class hospitals with heavily subsidised bills, the cheap education fees, low maintenance cost for a bloated world class govt? All these are and must be for the people. Why are people still so cynical and refused to see the all the goodnesses? Why are people holding so negative views about things, unbelieving, not believing? I think a new campaign is necessary to change the people's perception of the govt, that it is working all for the good of the people. Yes, the people are getting complacent and do not know how good life is in paradise. They forgot to count their blessings.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The best way for any govt to "help" the people is to stay out of The People's lives as much as possible.

However, that never comes to pass. Govts keep getting bigger and more expensive. They consume -- by claiming the territorial right to seize -- the fruits of the people's productivity for the objectives of The State.

This is only the beginning. Singapore is still a young country, and there is more room for the incursions of The State to grow.

The trend has been identified long ago: the increasing size and expense of govt is a growth industry, and still in its primacy.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, has there been any leader of state who actively sought to reduce the size and curb the power of their government? (Thatcher? Reagan sort of tried too without success)

redbean said...

ya, sama sama. all the crows are black.

panter92 said...

Hmm.. it all depends on the ministers in question. Some, who really want to work for the people and disregard the pay, cannot turn it away. Those who work for money and not the people simply accept the money.. so it all depends..