The fight against dictation culture

Two letters to the ST Forum by Alan Chuang, Accident Analyst and Bernard Low, President, Singapore Motor Workshop Association, were strongly against the recent new rules dictating that motorists should compulsorily do a list of things when involved in an accident. The one I am very cheesed off is the demand for motorists to drive their car for inspection even when there is no damage to the car. This is totally uncalled for and outrageous. Why should motorists whose cars are not damaged be incovenience to such an extent? Petrol and time are very expensive and not free. Then there is a whole list of difficult demands found objectionable as put up by the two forumers that borders on anti competition, cartel, high handedness and authoritarian. The GIAS is behaving like they own Singapore and is dictating to the motorists with unfair conditions. The two forumers are calling for the govt to step in to protect motorists from such haughty demands.


Anonymous said...

The Government will say this is purely a private and commercial decision. What about CASE? Oh, I forgot, after the wayang about price increases they are sleeping again.

Elfred said...

The gahmen should step in.

Anonymous said...

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