Fanatics in Paradise

We were talking about fanatics of human rights, pushing their views to everyone as if their views were the only one acceptable. Everyone must accept what these fanatics say or believe in. We have another kind of fanatics in paradise. They believe that Singaporeans will all live past 80 years old. And they did not stop at that. They did not just push their views and quarrel with people to believe in them. They did what was necessary. For they also believe that if one is to live past 80, then one needs more money to live. And they sincerely believe that all these are tooth and it is good for the people to have a lot of money when they are at their dying years. And they have good reasons too. When you are at that age, you need more money, not for holidays, but to pay big hospital bills. These are very logical. So from July 1, 2008, the sum in Medisave will be increased to $34,500. This is untouchable unless the sickness is serious enough or approved for payment from this saving. Never mind if one already have Medishield or private medical insurance. The important thing is to have this sum of money in Medisave. Safely kept there for you. Then also, the Minimum Sum in the CPF will be increased to $106,000. This is to ensure that citizens of paradise will be rich before they die. They can be poor when they are young. But they cannot be poor when they are old. And if this sum is not enough because inflation is going to eat a big chunk from it, you can be sure that it will be increased progressively. Do not be surprised if the Minimum Sum will hit $1 mil one day. And Singaporeans are all very happy and grateful for this savings that they must put aside. There is a Chinese saying, suffer first and enjoy later. Provided if you live that long to see the money.


Anonymous said...

A fantastic government polic. Must make sure that you are independent when you are old. Must not be a burden to the state. That is a wonderful policy. Suffer now and enjoy later. Good policy, clever government that is forward thinking. Worth every cent we pay the people who come up with such brilliant ideas. I am sooooooo happy to be a Sinkaporean.

Anonymous said...

So are Westerners the wiser who are eating, drinking and making merry while the rest of the world supports their lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

If people subscribe to the eventual collapse of the American dollar might as well spend all of the foreign reserves today.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck the Sheeple

For years they've been moaning about how it is the duty of the state to "look after" people.

IMO, the sheeple get the govt policies they deserve!

Life is for LIVING. It is not for living in fear of the future. A favouite "trick" of politicians and govt for the purposes of "mind control" is to get people's attention away from the PRESENT and lead them into a scary future. This eventually makes people so fearful that they become compliant and obedient to the "masters".

When the US dollar goes kaput, it will take many other currencies with it, and many states have pyramided their own inflated currencies on US debt and dollars.

Forget about CPF. Let go of it and face reality: it is NOT "savings". It is a TAX. At the moment the only way to get a "tax refund" is to relinquish your citizenship and emigrate, which is not such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, the only explanation for having to increase the minimum sum for CPF is that the PAP Gahmen f**ked up big time in the whole CPF scheme :-

1) paying very low interest rates (2.5%~3.5%) while skimming off the enormous difference in investment rates of return (avg 18%) - in the same manner just like our loan sharks

2) make very big losses because of wrong investments especially over acquisition of foreigh national assets such as Shin Corp, etc.

3) When they make huge profits, the profits belong to them because of their wise decisions. Remember LKY use to brag about the average 18% rate if return.

4) But when they make losses, they change the rules for CPF withdrawal plus a whole range of rules to delay the withdrawal of CPF funds by CPF members.

The real question for the majority of Singaporeans is do we really need to leave so much monies in the CPF for the purchase of our coffins and leave the balance for the benefit of our beneficiaries.

Why can't we enjoy the freedom of how we want to spend our hard earned savings in a manner that we deem fit while we still have the energy to enjoy them?

Why must withdrawal of our CPF funds be dictated by our Gahmen ?

It's just like the Gahmen telling us one fine day we can only withdraw a certain amount daily from our bank savings account for our daily consumption, otherwise it cannot last til our last day ?

Can you accept this ?

Anonymous said...

Really too much - our Government!

redbean said...

exactly. that is why i kpkb everyday on this issue. but no one seems to think it is wrong. ngiam tong dow or other sikit atas buggers, all did not say anything. and all our legal eagles and human rights fanatics too must think that it is acceptable. yes it is legal. because the law has been passed.

who the fuck these people think they are? i simply want my money back in my pocket. they can demand that i sign a letter not to depend on govt charity. i will willingly do so.