Expensive? Make it more expensive.

Property prices go higher. Good. Rentals higher, good. Medical bills higher, good. Education fees higher, good. Salary higher, excellent. More expensive means good quality. You get good value for your money. But that is not all. Motorists are hoping that the Govt scrap the 3/4 tank rule with high petrol prices. Some, like me, suggested that the petrol tax be cut. Never. That is against our success formula. When it is expensive, make it more expensive. We must not tamper with market forces. If it is going to go up, Singaporeans must be educated and get use to it. Just like the precious water. Slammed a Water Conservation Tax on it to make it more expensive. Then Singaporeans will learn to conserve this precious item. It is also a way to prepare Singaporeans to get use to the high prices. The same magic formula shall be apply to petrol. Petrol is precious, the people must learn not to waste it and get use to its high price. Slam a Petrol Conservation Tax on it and start a campaign to educate Singaporeans not to waste petrol. Cannot suka suka go 'jiat hong' with the car. The car shall only be driven when necessary. Provide a list on how to best use the car and not waste petrol. The 3/4 tank rule is good for Singaporeans. So is the petrol tax and a Petrol Conservation Tax. Make it 20% for it to be meaningful and work. This is a very well kept secret of Singapore's success.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

> When it is expensive, make it more expensive. We must not tamper with market forces. <

Quite to the contrary. The reason many things are expensive is because the market has been tampered with -- by whom? By the only agency big and powerful enough to influence and hamper a market -- the various governments of the world.