ERP is getting on the nerves

We are hearing more and more noises in TOM of grouses on ERPs. Some even accused the LTA of right hand not knowing what left hand is doing. But actually they do. Every dept and ministry is functioning very well. The people with grouses are those who cannot afford to pay. If you can, driving around is going to be a joy. We have world class public transport system that is efficient and affordable. Nothing to fret about really. The only little concern is the buses may ply less often once too many ERPs are put up. It will be quite costly to have a few thousand buses paying ERPs 20 or 30 times daily. Some were also concern about the quality of family life. Actually family life should improve as more people will choose to stay at home instead of going out. And with so much time at hand, they can spend time washing and admiring their precious cars in the car parks. Overall, Singapore will be greener with lesser people driving and lesser cars on the road. Business will benefit from freer flow of traffic. And with people all staying at home, there will be more free space around to accommodate the 6.5m population coming our way. Maybe can raise the number to 10m. ERPs not only solve transportation problem, they also solve social problem and green problems.

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