Eng Hen asking tough questions in MOE

Why do we need so many universities and so many graduates? If everyone is a graduate, can they all become CEOs or professionals? These are very basic questions that are not new. It is good that we go back to basics and start to question the fundamental premises before we get lost along the way. It is the same as questioning the basics of public service, of the role of govt and of the motivations to become politicians. It is a popular move to have a 4th university or even a 5th, and turn everyone into graduates. But the job market will still be the same. There can only be one Prime Minister, one CEO or one Permanent Secretary in their respective organisations. The pyramid shape of the organisational structure will remain fairly the same. It can only be flatter or steeper. It cannot stand on the opposite end. Why are we asking such basic questions now? Has someone got carried away in the past?

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