The cynical Singaporeans

Why is it so difficult to explain something so simple to the Singaporeans? The ERPs and the rate hikes are not to increase govt revenue. In fact the govt is losing money doing all these to help businesses by making the roads emptier. I have read everywhere in cyberspace and not a single one is agreeing with this official view. The TOM also mentioned it. Alas, the hopeless Singaporeans just refuse to agree or accept these reasonings. Come on Singaporeans, if there are less traffic on the road to cause jams, there must be more businesses as people using the roads must be genuine shoppers or people who have a reason to be on that stretch of road. And it is very costly to erect all the ERPs. No joke, the physical structures and the software to go with it. And collection of all the fees with people complaining that their cash cards don't work. All these cost money too. The ERPs are good for Singaporeans and good for businesses, but bad for the govt.


Anonymous said...

If the hopeless Singaporeans refuse to agree or accept these reasonings it means such reasonings are far from the brutal tooth. After the massive budget surplus episode, even a child will start to disbelieve what they are told. Awareness is wisdom!

Anonymous said...

GST to help the Poor i.e Ministers who are already drawing obscene salary and ERP helps Business i.e. provide $$ to Auntie Ho Ching spending sprees.