Cyberspace Jiang Hu

Those who are familiar with Chinese martial art literature would understand what Jiang Hu means. Literary it is translated as River and Lake. It is actually a world outside officialdom, staying away from the formal govt structure and with their own set of laws, righteousness, moral codes and rights and wrongs. It is a self contained and self regulated world. The 13 blogger exponents sought to engage the govt on a new set of law and order for cyberspace. The objective is to have lesser govt intervention in the cyberspace Jiang Hu. They presented, unfortunately, a mixed bag of things they want or do not want to see, not really clear in their mission. They want self regulations, freedom of expression, minimal govt presence or better, not at all. In Jiang Hu folklores, they stayed away from officialdom, no relations. It is like water in the well and the river do not mix or interfere with each others activities. Approaching officialdom to lay out the terms of reference and regulations is the first false step. It is like acknowledging that the authority must be there and its blessing is needed. Worst, while telling the authorities to lay off, they are inviting the authorities to be part of the regulator team and even expecting the authorities to set the OB markers. This is taboo in Jiang Hu. The existing laws provide for all the offenses relating to the rights of an individual and law and order. Period. No need further laws except very specific internet technical issues. Jiang Hu should exist on its own terms and develop its own ethics and moral quotes.


Anonymous said...

Cyberspace cannot be equated to Jiang Hu. It should have its own name and it should be shabokong or 沙波空.

redbean said...

is shabokong a commonly used chinese version of cyberspace?

as it is, cyberspace, blogosphere, internet, are the commonly accepted terms. over time a more acceptable term will be used universally. definitely not cyberspace jiang hu. only we and the followers of chinese martial art stories will understand this. limited application : )