Citizenship has its privileges

Front page news on My Paper, Singaporeans, being citizens, have the privilege of paying cover charge to enter St James Power Station Disco. It is the club's policy to allow foreigners in free but Singaporeans must pay. Such a privilege status in our own country will make Singaporeans stand up, at least as graceful and generous host. Now no one can complain that Singaporeans are not friendly to foreigners or even xenophobic. I think all our entertainment or consumer outlets should be encouraged to have such a policy. Foreigners special discount, or serve foreigners first. But no clubs or public places should have any signs saying 'Singaporeans not allowed' or Singaporeans no welcomed.' And in buses or MRTs, Singaporeans should stand up and offer their seats to foreigners. We are getting truly international. We are a world class hotel. St James Station and all its Singaporean staff should be given a medal during the National Day Celebration for putting Singapore as the best place for foreigners to be. They should be named Outstanding Singaporeans of the Year.


Anonymous said...

Its a policy that's been practiced far and wide for a few years. I've encountered this "policy" at both Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, where I was either refused entry or made to pay while my foreign colleagues just breezed in. The establishments in quesiton were Attica and QBar, which mostly cater to an expat crowd.

So, no surprises there!

redbean said...

i am just wondering. would they admit someone holding a prc, indian, bangladeshi or filipino pass free?

or would they make an angmoh singaporean pay to go in because he is a singaporean?

Anonymous said...

Let's just say that they didn't even bother to check ID's. The only pre-requisite to get it was either the colour of one's skin or the shortness of the skirts!

redbean said...

no racist practices should be allowed here. the authorities shuld do a spot check on such matters by testing the two examples i mentioned and if the the ruling on racist ground, they shuld be hauled up in court.

Anonymous said...

I agree, but most pubs/bars/clubs have the right to refuse entry without having to give an explanation. Business comes first afterall. Satisfying the needs of the local population comes a distant second (if even that).

As for the St James fiasco, isn't this the same place that refused entry to women over the age of 36?

From a business perspective, I can see why they would "target" certain demographics. But, its still a shame that those of us who have given so much to this country are discriminated against.

But hey, this is Singapore, and there's not much we can do, is there? Afterall, I don't want to be the next CSJ/Gopalan Nair!

redbean said...

ya, we must have a positive outlook to things here. let's toast to the city of possibilities.

redbean said...

one guy used to tell me this story. he and his pal went to this nightclub. normally there was a reserved table at the front of the stage. and he was normally ushered there. that night the main table was occupied and they put them in a side table. he was furious.

one bottle hit the ground. the bouncer came and threatened them. more bottles flew on stage and singers and customers all ran for cover. then tables were also overturned.

after the mess up they walked out expecting a welcoming party led by the bouncers. but no one was there to stop them.

this was in the 70s and the place was known as Oasis Nite Club.

Anonymous said...

Many Singaporeans travelling on SIA were complaining years ago about special treatment accorded to Ang Mohs and poor treatment of locals and I am not sure whether that has change.

When recession hits and foreigners leave in droves, lets see whether these establishments will still practice their discriminating policies. Singaporeans should have more backbone and boycot such places, good times or bad.

Anonymous said...

When you have a government that practice selective discrimination against its citizens, it is only natural that businesses do the same.
Yes, Singaporeans should have more backbone and vote with their feet.