Chance to 'poke' the Govt

Nice to hear that. The govt is changing and getting more confident and less uptight. It is encouraging people to poke at them. Unbelieveable a few days ago. Yes, Reach, in all seriousness, is taking feedback a step ahead by setting up a Facebook to 'poke, suckerpunch, and send a tulip - or pehaps a Venus Flytrap if you prefer - to the Govt.' No need to send money. They don't need any. Are we seeing more relaxation about cyberspace activities or is it just for Reach supported programmes? Feedback is now taking on a new dimension, not so serious or don't be too serious. Just have fun. 'The Facebook effort is the latest in the arse-nal that Reach is building to engage Singapore-ans as it tries to combat the perception that the Government does not listen enough when it formulates policies.' I am quoting this from the ST with every comma, hyphen and fullstop at the exact spot. Can I just poke a little fun? Would the Govt try to listen to cyberspace in non Govt supported sites or set ups? Must the Govt only listen to their sites and only these sites count as feedback and the rest as gibberish and complaints? Reach is getting more and more hits. It must be doing well.


Anonymous said...

Careful how you poke, because the lightning squad does resort to intimidation if they dislike your prodding. Catherine Lim poked a little too hard some time ago and was asked to join eg the hammer squad or the rocket regiment.

redbean said...

you are right. just when people invite you to poke, doesn't mean that you can anyhow poke : )

that is why they talked about tulips.