Cave In - Says Choo Zhengxi

Choo Zhengxi talked about a cave in in the TOC. Figuratively I think we are seeing signs of an impending cave in due to too much weight and a weakening support. We have a huge govt sitting on top waiting to be fed. And to do so, we need a very strong and big support base to provide the feed. Singaporeans alone not enough to do the job. So need to expand the base of the pyramid by bringing in all the foreigners. The problem is that it is turning into a pyramid game with incessant growth at the top, getting bloated and still knowing no limits to how fat it can get. And the hole below gets bigger and bigger, and needing more and stronger pillars to prop it up. Now with the high cost of living and runaway inflation hitting the bottom, the dissatisfaction and grumblings are softening these pillars and soon things will give way and the top will just cave in. The bigger the hole is being dugged below, and the heavier the top gets, a cave in is natural and impending. Prepare for the big tembusu tree to fall and see how the monkeys scatter.

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Anonymous said...

Increasing the number of ERP gantries and the price of ERP at this time is most uncalled for, when the budget has a surplus of more than $7billion, while inflation is going on unchecked, without any measure taken by the millionaire ministers concerned. This shows a callous attitude towards the citizens' burden and hardship. This is also sheer profiteering and losing touch with the ground.

ERP therefore will ultimately be the collapse of the PAP.

ERP = Erasing Reliability of PAP.