The caretaker generation

We have arrived at the doorstep of the first world. The people who helped us get here were mostly gone. The people who are singing the song of praise and praising themselves for the success think that they are the one who have brought us here. That they are the ones with the magic formula, the architect of paradise, and think that without them we will not be here. They think we owe our success to them. The builders of paradise have all but gone. A handful still around. It is they and their effort that should be appreciated. The rest are just caretakers, inheriting a good fortune and riding on it, making the best out of it, that's about it. Before they get too high on their high horses, they should be reminded that it is not them that brought us here. They themselves were brought in to look after the wealth and not to mess it up. The people of paradise do not owe any debt to the caretakers. The people who will owe a debt to them will be the future generations should paradise continue to exist as a paradise.


Anonymous said...

In this paradise, people don't like the god. Can god be changed?

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean,

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redbean said...

other than the monotheists that believe in one god, people are free to choose and change their gods freely. today pray to this god, tomorrow another god. there are real gods, there are fake gods. there are all kinds of gods. some can also profess themselves to be gods.

and sufferer, thanks for the link. will take a look.