The brutal and unforgiving internet

Gone were the days when people can expound their stupid theories of rights and goodness in 'the old media' TOM with impunity. Gone were the days where readers were treated as fools, to lap up all the rubbish and silly wisdom by people with access to TOM. Gone were the days when the fettered people have no way to talk back. Today, the internet has given the people the right to talk back, to question and to ridicule silliness and stupidity of anyone. People who think they are extraordinary and want to talk down to the people better make sure they make sense. The internet has a very low level of tolerance for nonsense. Not only the people will talk back and tear down stupidity into bits and pieces, it will be aired in cyberspace around the world. People who spout nonsense are advised to shut up before they make a fool of themselves. The only truth that is acceptable in the internet is the truth that people understand and accept as reasonable. Tooth is never acceptable and will be rubbished together with the soothsayers.


Anonymous said...

Many have mentioned changing Main Stream Medias(MSM) to TOM(The Old Medias).

May I use your blog to suggest that MSM be called Official Medias, in short OM. It will reflect a more accurate and clear affiliations to the Authorities.


redbean said...

hi patriot,

the main media need not necessary be official media. this only happens in paradise. OM can mean either, old media or official media. We can use both to mean the same. TOM or OM for short.