Blame it on the fengshui

PN Balaji is making a strong statement on the state of affairs in the Home Ministry. He is not holding any punches. 3 strikes are unacceptable and no more excuses for a world class system, and paid like one. What is happening? This one must thank TOM. Cyberspace would not have access to all these information to report on them. If only TOM has kept quiet, everything looks so well. This is the power of the media. I think it must be the fengshui. Need to do something about it. Maybe relocate the Home Ministry back to the original Phoenix Park. The new one is just giving too many problems. Maybe it is more serious than just Phoenix Park. All our investments in the foreign banks are looking very dicey. Is it the digging for all the underground MRT lines? Hurting the dragon bones? Any expert wish to comment on this. Things are looking really ugly if we look at what could be coming.


Anonymous said...

What to do? It happened.

Let's move on and stay tuned for more bad news...

Anonymous said...

'All our investments in foreign banks are looking very dicey'

How many billions have we lost now? It will only get worse despite what the Fed chief and Paulson is trying to say otherwise. The Fed is almost at the end of its ability to help the troubled banks and it is reported that all the funds borrowed by the banks from the Fed have now gone into commodity speculation, another bubble in the making.

redbean said...

the americans thought it was very clever to let the funds manipulate the markets and make money. the funds made but the whole country suffers.

it is just like a stock exchange happily allowing stocks to be listed and earned a few dollars for listing fees. the ipo manager also made a few dollars. all very happy.

but the investors paid in the millions only to see the money disappeared.

Anonymous said...

And we are happily waiting with open-arms for these American fund managers to come to our shores to teach us a thing or two about how to disappear with investors money!

Anonymous said...


please do not blame 'fengshui'(geomancy).

All are man-made calamity.

Yrs truly: patriot.

feedmetothefish said...


I don't think so.

As we are paying Ministers Million $,$$$,$$$ salaries, we have vaccinated ourselves against any dose of bad government... so said MM.

What has happened with Mas sudah selamat jalan, escape at subordinate courts, Passport-Father-Passport-Son are just jokes to amuse the masses. At most, it is complacency of the 'small people' who happen to dislike their boss enough to prick him with never-ending booboos and embarrassments.

Bad dose of government? No way! How can that happen with our brilliant million$ ministers!

Mad government? Maybe.

Fenshui? Or is it the karma of someone reaping what he sowed?

Never bite more that what one can chew.

Is this Payback Time?

To every life, a little rain must fall.


redbean said...

hi guys, i was trying to be diplomatic lah.

seriously, and seriously, kan seng is in a corner. and you can see knives have been drawn. now we will see whether kan seng has learnt anything from mas and do a mas selamat escape.

redbean said...

and yes, this multi million dollar pay is turning out to be a trap. it cuts both ways.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Singaporeans are bitter with the Government for 2 important reasons:

1) The high salary for ministers, coupled with their we know best attitude and their high-handed take it or leave it policy making decisions and

2) The relentless import of foreign workers forcing job displacements for locals.

redbean said...

agree, we are a democracy. it is unacceptable to run the country like ruler and the ruled.

to shaft things down people's throat, to make things compulsory, especially people's money are involved, will cost them a lot unless they can produce immediate and tangible results. to promise people about tomorrow that many may not see is very hollow.

Anonymous said...

No,no, no... it is not fengshui... blame it on Dr Chee for holding too many protests, for trying the MHA too often so much so that a lot of resources have been placed to track his movement and where he'll appear next with placards.

Anonymous said...

re-reading this article again, your 'fengshui' theory suddenly makes a lot of sense.

You see, You mentioned 'dragon', the mysterious mythological animal. It is supposedly a self-righteous lonely beast that keeps nobody company nor has the company of others.

And to some believers, it is powerful, a terror in most legends that spits fire. Years back, Sg was one of the four dragons and a leading one.

Now, You wrote 'dragon bone', the dragon has became bone. I am sure You meant and wanted a catchy caption, but boy! You have syllogically linked 'fengshui' beautifully with the state of affairs in Sg, unitentionally!

Great intuition.


redbean said...

in the olden days they called it in other terms, something like mandate of heaven.

and our dragon is not bone that is for sure. very fat dragon. a lot of reserves: )