Another fallen NSman - Rec Andrew Cheah Wei Siong

Recruit Cheah died after fainting during a 2km march. A polytechnic graduate, his life was cut short in the name of duty to the country. Another family, mother and father, lost their beloved and precious son to the call of duty. This is the price that every citizen and family pay for the security and well being of this country and its fellow citizens. Let no one forget this ultimate sacrifice of all Singaporeans.

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Ninthdragoned said...

He died so suddenly just few days after enlistment, I had the chance to speak to him briefly on the enlistment day while addressing the group of enlistees, find him a quiet teenager.

That fateful morning, I remember the heli-evac chopper came, and I was walking towards the running track for a self run, the medical center was nearby within short distance beside the track(for those of you who are foreign to the camp compound.)

Some even had the impression that it was outfield and doing route march, well its not actually. In fact, its just walking, not even running and considered one of the safest physical activity.

I guess its just fate.