After ERPs - The natural things to come

As more and more people feel the pinch of driving to town, two natural possibilities. Some will switch to taxis or occasionally use taxis. More will switch to public transport like mrts and buses. Soon demand for both will go up. The taxis will play hide and seek again. The commuters will complain that there are not enough taxis available. Waiting time takes longer. You want a cab, call and pay for that extra for calling. More fuming by commuters. Then what? Think, think and more thinking for better solutions to increasing demand for taxi problems. Eureka, found the answer. Increase taxi fares to cut demands. In the mrt and bus sector, we are going to see everyone being packed like sardines again. Trains fully packed, buses fully packed. More buses needed, more trains needed to cope with the high demand. Yes, yes, SMRT and Bus companies need to upgrade their services and buy more trains and new buses. Where to get the money? Think, think, think harder. Eureka! Solutions found. Must increase fare. How else to provide more trains and buses. The natural things to come.


Anonymous said...

The solutions are pre-historic!

Lost4ever said...

its the natural progression in an animal farm...
just look at who is laughing to the banks...
the rest of us are the poor 4 legged creatures.... sigh

Mockingbird said...

i think more companies should seriously consider letting their staff work from home instead of making them travel to and from work everyday, chalking huge transportation bills and wasting time commuting.

redbean said...

hi mockingbird,

all employers should take note that letting employees working at home is as good as giving the employees a payrise. and the company can save on office furniture and office space. it needs a little redesigning of the job.

but what comes next? ERP outside every flat? Or would someone be accused of undermining the economy or the profits of transport companies? and office rentals too will come down. this, i think, is also bad.

Lost4ever said...

We are Beng, Seng, Lian & Huay within us, thus working from home is not an option.
Plus your boss likes to look over your shoulder when you work, so will it happen??
Telecommuting are reserved for AngMos and perhaps super talents.
FT & LT(local talent) will also misuse the benefits of working from home.
Unless you are not local, and believe in this shit about telecommuting.

redbean said...

hi lost4ever,

not all jobs can be redesigned to work at home. there are limitations. but there are jobs where one can work completely at home. some may need only appear once or twice in the office. it is not a solution applicable to all.

and some workers are just not reliable enough to be left on their own, out of sight.

Anonymous said...

Much has been said about working from home, but is it really that feasible? Sure big companies are even outsourcing overseas but how are they paid? Likely on lumpsum or project basis.

Correct me if I say that presently most who work from home in Singapore are themselves the boss and not, in fact, working for anybody else. Sure they can work at home, but most likely are assessed and paid on a project basis by someone rather than as an employee. In such cases it is of course advantages for them because they save on transport and possibly food when working from home.

As someone said, locals are most likely to misuse the benefits of working from home and bosses are not unaware of this.