SGH got subsidies

I copy this from a post by TracyTan in Sammyboy. Medical costs in govt hospitals are exorbitant. When my friend had to do an X-ray of her spine, she was told by SGH that the cost was $900+. When she did it at a nearby private medical facility, she was only charged $500+. When is SGH charging so much more than a private medical facility? Tracy was complaining about the high cost in govt restructured hospitals and wanted Boon Wan to cut down the cost. Actually from the above comment she could be wrong. She forgot that SGH got subsidies and depending on the type of wards, the final cost could be lower. For those without subsidies, just too bad lah. Singaporeans are so lucky but did not know.


Anonymous said...

'For those without subsidies, just too bad lah'

So, you are saying that without subsidies, SGH is more expensive than the private sector, which we know is also not subsidised.

redbean said...

between $900 and $500, which one is more expensive?

jialat lah. like that also must explain.

Anonymous said...

What to do, Singaporeans are dumbfounded by all the increases and are busy comparing prices that sometimes they 'liak bo kiu' what is being explained to them.

redbean said...

what singaporeans liak bo kiu, have you heard of any people's representatives raising this as a serious problems and that actions must be taken immediately?

all we heard of is to accept it as a matter of fact and move on.

Matilah_Singapura said...

IMO, they all deserve it.

The Sheeple keep the PAP in power.