What if Singapore?

P N Balji threw up two issues for discussion in the Today paper. He touched on the succession of Hsien Loong after he retires. He also lamented, in fact worried, that there will be no substitute PM in case if we need one today. In his first point, he said that Hsien Loong would probably find a replacement in about 18 years. And assuming the next PM should be about 50 years then, he is likely to be someone in the early thirties. Anyone past 40 today will be too old to fill the shoe. Scouring around the MPs today, looks like Teo Ser Luck is the only possible successor. The other few that are eligible will come from the few young ladies. A replacement for Hsien Loong in 18 years time should not be too big a problem given that more youngsters can be recruited in the next GE. What is perplexing and confusing is Balji's fear that in an emergency at any moment there would not be anyone to front the cabinet. Why? Kan Seng is still around. So is Jayakumar. Both are DPM caliber and cannot be written off as unfit to be an emergency PM. Then there is Eng Hen, the one touted as LKY's lookalike. He should be a good substitute to take over. And don't forget, if there is really an emergency now, LKY and Chok Tong are always available either to fill in temporarily or to mentor the new PM. Where is the problem? It is like setting up a red herring when there is no issue at all.


Anonymous said...

Why is that so? When the MM was the PM, there were a string of suitable candiates so much so that they were ranked in suitability. Tony Tan was No. 1, Goh Chok Tong was No. 2. Even Dhanabalan was thought PM material but only because he happens to be an indian.

After all the years of bragging that they are getting only the best and most talented MPs to stand for election, is this the only result? That must be the greatest disappointment of the PAP system.

Only in Singapore do they make a mountain out of a molehill on this issue of choosing a PM, which is proving more difficult than choosing a Pope.

But then we need someone with the calibre to say 'What to do? It's happened!'

redbean said...

singapore has never has it so good. at the helm we have mm, sm, pm and two dpm to make sure that all things are well taken care off. no problem of what happens in case of emergency.

Anonymous said...

When LKY was PM, he was not looking for any other person for his replacement. He already has one in mind, who happens to be his son. Now, when LHL is PM, there is no one readily to want be the first familiy's lap dog.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Privatise the entire territory of Singapore, and hire a CEO. Sack parliament and institute a board of directors.

In fact, in any case sack parliament, and take it from there.

redbean said...

another 18 years to go and anything can happen when we get there.