What has Mas Selamat got to do with Qing Ming?

I wanted to visit Choa Chu Kang cemetry last weekend for QingMing. But on hearing that Selamat would be there, I decided against it. It was a good decision or I would be caught up with the huge jams that came with it. What the shit would Mas Selamat want to do at the cemetry? He is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people paying their respects to their loved ones. Mas, please go some where else ok?


Anonymous said...


It is just wayang, just acting to be doing something about the search for MSK when there is nothing else to do already. Run here, run there, making that short minister looked effective.

redbean said...

looked effective?

i am getting pissed off with Mas Selamat. So many people's lives are affected.

Mas Selamat should make an announcement, if he is already out of here, so that life can return to normal.

since he is not appearing anywhere else, then he is still around. last weekend he wanted to attend qing ming, next he will be attending Vesak Day celebration.

The Oriental Express said...

In case Mas Selemat decided to play dead. So the authorities think he might be hiding in the cemetry too lah.