We are the best

The best students in our schools are placed on the through train Integrated Programme(IP). And the very best took the new subject Knowledge and Inquiry(KI) in place of their GP. This KI is of a higher level and more difficult. So is the IP programme which is designed to prepare students for tough university education. How can those overseas universities refused to accept our best students that have IP and KI? Those universities who don't are going to lose out as they will not have our best with them. Tell them good riddance. We will find places for our best and brightest students in other universities that are willing to accept them. And I also heard that some universities insist that our best students must also have 'O' level results. Why? Can they accept that our students without 'O' level results are actually our cream? Maybe our MOE can issue a testimonial to these students to vouch that they are great academic material. Would these overseas institutions still ignore their top grades and insist on their 'O' level? We are first world country, not third world where the grades can be manufactured. We have good quality control system and very strict professional standards. In the meantime, for those students who may not gain a place in these foreign universities, don't worry, we will find a way. Just pray that everything will be alright.


Anonymous said...

Are those universities who refused to accept our best students that have IP and KI also first class universities? Otherwise no need to worry, because the best students from this first world country only go to first class universities.

I hope this is not another foul-up, like the introduction of the SAT for university entrance and then dismantling it one year later without anybody being the wiser.

Of course the praying will fall on parents and students lah!

Anonymous said...

The Education Ministry assumes the world revolves around them.

If the white horses (or their parents) want to go to those foreign universities that insist only students with 'O' level results can apply for entrance, then these white horses will not want to go the IP.

This idea can only apply to Singapore. Without 'O' level, those bright students do not have the flexibility to apply for overseas education elsewhere.

Or, is this another hare brain idea to stop the brightest students from leaving Singapore when they completed their education overseas? Using this to lock them down locally? Will they do this to the elites' children too?

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean misses the whole point of public education.

The State's job is not to educate people so that they can live their own lives. The State educates people to prepare them to be compliant and obedient members of the productive population, to be led to produce for the benefit of the plutocracy.

The universities are places where the govt scouts for the future "leaders".

redbean said...

i read that there are some agreements with a few top uni to accept our IP and KI route. The rest of the uni is another separate matter.

and knowing that the best uni will only take a handful students from us each year, the many will have to try elsewhere. they will hit a closed door if they say no to IP and KI.