The Veil of Innocence

I have posted an article on mysingaporenews being branded as anti establishment. In fact most of the bloggers posting there are likewise branded. This is what the bunch of doggies that have smuggled themselves into other people's blogs intend to do. They simply stick a name on anyone and that person will be condemned or be seen as someone not to be near with. In the past they have branded people as communist, racist, dangerous, anti govt, anti PAP or quitters. And so the public are made to believe that it is so. That these people are dangerous and will do the country harm. The truth is that more harm will be done by the so called pro establishment people, the people who hide under the veil of innocence, the people who profess that they are the do gooders or saviours, or guardians of the country. If you look at what they are doing, you will know that they are far from being decent or honourable. They will abuse their positions of power, if given a chance, to kill literally, without seeing blood. If at the doggie level, they think it is acceptable to attack people under the guise of anonymity, what will they do if they are in positions of power. Think. Fortunately these people who claimed to be pro establishment, are only seen as good enough to be assigned to attack people in cyberspace. Anyone in position of responsibility will not want to be associated with such scums, and will not allowed them to be in position of authority to abuse the masses. They are good only to be doggies in cyberspace. Reminds me of The Animal Farm. The people who have a view, who criticise or disagree, are honest people who speak the truth. They don't hide behind the veil of innocence. They are speaking their conscience. Without them the country will soon go to the dogs. As for those who hide behind the veil of innocence, they are the pretenders, cheats, shameless sluts, worst than prostitutes. As least the prostitutes earn an honest living.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, you are right. We should all put forward constructive views on the topics discussed. There is no point using insulting or foul languages on cyberspace. We each have our on views and beliefs and we must all respect other's points of view. Those who are abusive should be ignored.

redbean said...

hi speedwing,

the abusive type is one thing. the more dangerous ones are those who stick names or dangerous brands on your forehead or behind your back.

never allow that to happen.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Relac lah brudder.

There'll always be "abusive" people in the world, and especially on the net. Heck, I have one of the foulest, most abusive mouths and keyboards I know... when I get going there is no limit to what moniker I might hang on another person.

... but the world still moves on. The (objective) truth is the truth- nothing can change that. The subjective truth is what is true for each person, and that can vary.

The content of the post is more important, IMO. And there's a difference between "anti-establishment" and "anti-govt". Fir e.g. I am unabashedly anti-govt, but not anti establishment. In fact, it is the GOVT who stomps all over what has been established by free and voluntary human action.

Take fo instance the ESTABLISHMENT of Chinese dialect cultures in S'pore. The motherfucking PAP stamped all that out, FOR YEARS. It is only recently that they have "allowed" dialect-based culture back.