Time to go after the fakes

Fakes are increasingly common in this cosmopolitan city. We are being inundated with fake degrees, fake institutions of higher learnings and also fake physical attributes. If we are not going to accept fake qualifications, shall we also reject fake physical assets? Aesthetic medicine is now the fad. Anyone standing in front of you may be a fake, at least in some parts. If we allow the faking of one's look, why not the faking of one's qualifications? Even the food that we eat are fakes, genetically modified. And whether they will harm us in the future is yet to be proven. Should then be banned too? There are calls in this direction. Shall we accept or reject the fakes? : )


Elfred said...

There r plenty of fakes and nosense in the private education sector, but have been so all since and yaya papaya~

One is offering fake medicene, the other side is offering useless programs but packaged into as if they are so helpful... Hahahaha...

Singapore... MOH is doing something. When is MOE starting to do anything???

willie said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

> Even the food that we eat are fakes, genetically modified. <

That is incorrect. GM foods are real, although they are created in a lab.

Genetic modification occurs in nature -- survival. Genes mutate to allow the organism to adapt to a changing environment so that the organism has a better chance at survival. The GM done in a lab is simply for a different set of objectives: yield, disease and insect resistance, taste, size, colour and profit.

> Aesthetic medicine is now the fad. <

Again, incorrect. Aesthetic medicine is a neologism for 'body modification'. This has been going on for thousands of years in many human civilizations. The Egyptians did it, so do some tribes in Africa, China etc.

All the westerners did - with their science and technology - was to develop the processes to a high degree of complexity, and place it in the market economy system so that comapanies and individuals like doctors could make money from SELLING these services and products to willing VOLUNTARY buyers.

> Fakes are increasingly common in this cosmopolitan city. <

The whole nation was built on false premises. But hey, fakery is quite acceptable by the majority of humans on this planet.

If everyone lived by the 'truth', the whole darn system would collapse :-)

redbean said...

nice argument. actually apart from fraud, faking to deceive, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good or appear good. it also makes everyone, other than the one who had a job done, feel good.

it is a very subjective thing actually.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah. Did you guys watch the TV programme 'Stars without makeup'.

I bet some of your idols would not remain your idols after you watched them without the makeups. The Chinese saying that a beautiful person is 30% real and 70% makeup is all too true in my opinion.

Fakes are everywhere. Even your investments in some investment vehicles may actually be backed by less than reputable assets.

redbean said...

cdi or collateral debt instruments, the one that is threatening to destroy the american and world financial institutions is another fake. it disguised bad loand as triple A loans.

i have not quarrel with people wanting to look good. they make a prettier world.

Elfred said...

It doesn't matter how you'd look good. You can even have a movie star doing the cooking to make the dish appears super high class.

But at the end of the day, if the food is fake, and you incur losses to consumers by selling fakes...



Anonymous said...

I always wonder, whenever a star does a cooking demonstration, the verdict of the food is always good. Are the audience/judges just being diplomatic. I believe so. It's all fake, like 'fake orgasm'

redbean said...

there are things like gold dust for food. now when stars cooked, some star dust will fall on the food and sparkle. the food will definitely taste better.

and the customers will shout in jubilation, so and so cooked it you know.

that is the world of stardom and celebrities. and they sell. even mas selamat sells. the orange Tshirt he discarded will become a collector's item.